Designers Courtney Blair and Lindsay Robinson with office manager Torri Tokerud have partnered to continue the legacy of their beloved mentor and founder, Marlys Tokerud.  They are known for their East meets West sensibility – carefully weaving a handcrafted aesthetic with sleek sophisticated backgrounds. Understanding the way a client lives and functions in their space is an important part of creating an ideal environment.  Bringing together the perfect team and a strong collaboration is the best way to achieve design success.

“Tokerud + Co strives to carry on the values instilled in us by Marlys.  We continue to create distinctive spaces and aim to bring a fresh perspective to each project, as taught by our mentor.”

Understanding the way clients function and live in their space is an important part of creating an ideal environment. We believe that collaboration is key and creating the perfect team is the only way to achieve design success.


Designer Marlys Tokerud paved the way in a time when contemporary designers, architects and artists were a minority in Houston.  Her work was marked by clean, beautiful lines, pure light and elements from nature.  Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of ancient cultures she designed solutions that utilized materials discovered on through travels.  Deeply appreciative of the arts and the value of hand crafted materials, she created harmony in her spaces, always inventive and beautifully timeless.

Her life was a fusion of design and art that exuded into every project. Her philosophy sought to enhance the lives of her clients through design and open them up to seeing things in a new way. From her Montana roots to her involvement in the Houston and Marfa art communities, Marlys brought a unique outlook and design sensibility to all who knew her.